Volvo C70 turns 20 years old – still not allowed to “drink” everywhere image

The Swedish automaker has decided to reveal its great looking coupe and cabriolet models are now two decades old, the C70 being the first proper coupe since the P1800 disappeared back in 1972.

The C70 was actually a very swift effort, going from the drawing board to production in just 30 months, and using the then-new front-wheel-drive platform of the recently-launched 850 sedan. Since the company had little in-house expertise in such models, Volvo turned to British engineering firm Tom Walkinshaw Racing, their partners for the British Touring Car Championship campaign at the time. TWR’s Ian Callum – now the design head at Jaguar Land Rover – penned the C70 styling – which remained practically unmodified as it went from the drawing board to the production lines.


The production of the C70 was handled by the disused factory in the Swedish town of Uddevalla – specifically refurbished and brought back to life for the model. At the inception the C70 had under the hood the 2.3-liter, 240 horsepower (179 kilowatts) T5 turbo engine and a great 2.5-liter 193 hp (144 kW) turbo motor. The model was Swedishly relaxing to drive and had space for four persons and luggage. The convertible appeared in 1998 and was produced until 2005. The second-generation C70, developed with Pininfarina, become available starting late 2005, using a retractable hardtop.