Volvo car sales up 2.6% in January image

Volvo Car Group, which was acquired from Ford Motors in December 2008 by the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, has announced in a statement that its January sales are up 2.6 % from January 2013.

The increase of the Swedish automaker, founded in 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden comes as the company is seeing its fortunes up, with January counting as the seventh straight month of growth.

Volvo said in the statement it issued that its total global sales for the month reached 30,372 cars, tanks to a healthy of growth of around 20 % in both of its home markets – China and Sweden.

Volvo also said that although sales in the Western Europe region still declined, it saw a more positive outlook for the rest of the year as the retail order situation actually was “extremely strong”. The 4.5 % slip in Western Europe’s sales was accompanied by a similar situation in what was once Volvo’s most important foreign market, the USA, where sales are continuously slowing down amid growing competition in the segment and Volvo’s lack of new additions to the line-up.

Via Reuters