Today, at the Shanghai International Auto Show, Volvo Car Corporation presented Concept Universe, a design study for a future luxury Volvo sedan.

The concept’s nose, a departure from the still-new face of the S60, comes in response to a request from Volvo-owner Geely that the Concept Universe’s designers look to the “serenity in the light of the rising sun” for inspiration.

The Concept Universe is primarily geared to the Chinese market, and, according to Jonathan Disley, Strategic Design Manager Advanced at Volvo Cars, “without the edges, all lines are infinite, marking distinctive inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design as well as Chinese writing.

“This is the next step in the proud history of luxury Volvo sedans”, said Stefan Jacoby before revealing the Concept Universe.

He continued:
“We will listen very carefully to what the Chinese car buyers think of the design. Later, we will also show the Concept Universe in other parts of the world. This brings it into the global context we are aiming for with all our cars.”

There’s no word on how or when Volvo’s new styling direction will appear on a proper production car, however – Volvo and Geely have yet to fully sort out their future model strategy.

Volvo CEO Stephen Jacoby has expressed numerous times that for the Swedish-based brand to achieve its goal of doubling its sales to 800,000 by 2020, it needs to focus on smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles in the future.







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