Volvo counts on new XC90 for future sales growth image

The Volvo Car Group is set to unveil today its $66, 000 homemade flagship SUV – the second generation XC90. The model will be adamant to the brand’s strategy to spur further delivery increases.

The automaker – a true testament to the Swedish (and also Scandinavian) way of life – has been around since 1927 and has had a tumultuous history, with many owners. The latest were the No. 2 in the US – Ford – and China’s Geely, which acquired Volvo from the Americans in 2010. The XC90 is the first model designed and built entirely under Chinese ownership and will be a milestone in the brand’s future development.

The company aims to double its sales to reach 800,000 units by 2020, buoyed by the rising demand in China – the world’s largest auto market – a revival at home in the European region and (hopefully) a return to positive results into the world’s biggest premium market – the United States. The strategy also includes a profit target of 8% from revenue, which lines up with other premium manufacturers. Today’s premiere – taking place near Stockholm – will also shed light on the model’s design – after the secrecy surrounding it managed to keep at bay the usual “last minute” unveilings that we’ve grown accustomed to.