Volvo Fined $1.5 Million for Not Reporting Safety Defects image

U.S. auto-safety regulators fined Volvo Car Group, owned by Geely Holding Group, $1.5 million for failing to report safety defects.

Volvo, which was previously owned by Ford Motor, chose not to reveal six defects that ended in recalls in 2010 and one this year in 5 business days since the safety flaw was determined, as required by the US law.

“It’s critical to the safety of everyone on our roadways that automakers promptly report safety defects — and take immediate action to resolve the issue,” NHTSA Administrator David Strickland said in the statement. “NHTSA expects all manufacturers to obey the law and address automotive safety concerns without delay.”

Around 32,000 cars were involved in the seven recalls. The three recalls, under Ford’s ownership, involved 4,850 vehicles, and were related to incorrect tire-pressure information printed in the owner’s manual and on labels. The recall of 536 vehicles in June 2010 was to made to check if parts in the gearshift assembly were tightened properly. The following recalls were connected to air bags that might not deploy in an accident and improperly calibrated software that could lead to an engine stall.