Volvo Focuses Attention on Protecting Animals System image

Honorably occupying a place in top 5 safest cars, Volvo now turns its attention towards protecting the animals too, working on a new-generation system that detects animals in the road.

“There are plenty of ways that people get into accidents. They hit objects. At the last moment, if they don’t see something, they’ll try to swerve when it’s too late. That will damage the car. And if it’s a pet, people don’t want their pets killed,” declared Volvo Cars of North America CEO John Maloney.

The new anti-collision system uses a radar sensor and an infra-red camera to detect animals within the vehicle’s range and alert the driver of their presence. If after the alert the driver still doesn’t react, the car will engage the vehicle’s brake system and attempt to stop the car in time. In Sweden, the country where Volvo is based, an alarming number of 40,000 accidents with animals are reported each year. Although the system is based on the Pedestrian Detection feature, it still need a lot more work since it is designed to recognized the size and behavior patterns of different animals, and prioritize dangers to make decisions on how and when the protective system will respond.

“During demonstrations of Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake, we were often asked about protection from accidents with wild animals,” said Andreas Eidehall, Volvo’s active safety technical expert. “We can see in our accident statistics that this is an important area to prioritize.”