Volvo implements digital car delivery key service image

Have you ever wanted the courier deliver something to you directly to your car? I know it actually never crossed your mind, but for those who thought about it, the answer now comes from Volvo.

The Swedish automaker, wholly owned by China’s Geely, has developed a new program for digital keys technology – the owner can now choose his car as a delivery location for goods. Via its smartphone or tablet, the owner can communicate with the delivery company and can hand over a digital key, track when the car is opened and locked – and when the drop is completed the key “disintegrates”.

“By turning the car into a pickup and drop-off zone through using digital keys we solved a lot of problems since it’s now possible to deliver the goods to persons and not to places. The test-customers also indicated that the service clearly saved time. And the same thing is valid for delivery companies a well! Because failed first-time deliveries cost the industry an estimated €1billion in re-delivering costs. We are now further investigating the technology of digital keys and new consumer benefits linked to it,” says Klas Bendrik, Group CIO at Volvo Car Group.

The new technology used a pilot program for its trial, with 100 persons involved – and the system is made possible by an already existing functionality of the Volvo On Call application, which besides that allow remote heating and cooling, positioning and fuel level checking via the owner’s smartphone.