Have you gone through the nightmare of changing your child seat from car to car or use it on public transport? Well, for these parents, Volvo aims to make life easier with a child seat concept that’s easy to use and lightweight.

The secret behind the child seat concept that’s both safe and practical? It’s inflatable! Yes, it’s made of a special fabric – called drop-stitch fabric – a material that’s light and very strong, as it was originally made for military use and is widely employed now in the naval industry.

The designer, Lawrence Abele and his team say that using the technology they created a seat that’s “safe, easy to pack and carry”, and also a lot more useful and practical than the traditional car seat.

Volvo says the concept seat would be great for “grandparents or friends who take care of your kids and need an ultra mobile child seat. It is also very convenient when traveling by taxi, rental car or bus, situations where you historically had to rely on the safety measures available.”

With a weight of under five kilograms when fully deployed, which is around half of the traditional car seat weight, the concept can be inflated through an integrated pump system within 40 seconds – can be stowed away folded when not in use and even be inflated remotely as Bluetooth technology takes care of this and also extends some other useful features.

Via Autoexpress


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