Volvo plans another 9 new models image

After the Swedish automaker has presented the new XC90 large SUV more than 12 years since it outed the first generation, the company owned by China’s Geely promises swifter product introductions.

The sport-utility vehicle, scheduled to reach global showrooms in April next year, is the first all-new car under Zhejiang Geely Holdings ownership, after the Chinese carmaker bought Volvo Cars four years ago from Ford. On the sidelines of the XC90’s launch, company officials also revealed the pace of new car introductions will be significantly raised, with at least nine new generation models released by 2019. The company will first focus on the traditional segments: the XC family of SUVs, sedans and station wagons; while niche segments would be covered later on.

“We have to focus the brand on cars…that cover the main segments that represent 60% to 80% of all luxury sales,” says product strategy chief Lex Kerssemakers. “There is a limit. You have to pick and choose.”

The product offensive will be split in two phases, with the bigger models, based just like the XC90 on the new SPA platform, coming in first. The smaller, CMA platform, set to underpin the rest is still under development, with the first model riding it scheduled “in about four years,” according to Volvo Cars President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson.