Volvo already offers an innovative in-car delivery service, but the new one promises to send your shopping directly to the vehicle much faster.

Last November, the Swedish automaker launched the world’s first commercially available in-car delivery service by teaming up with a regional logistics supplier and some online stores, so your shopping could be sent right to the car’s trunk. Volvo is now expanding this feature, by partnering with the local start-up delivery company urb-it that promises you will get the item you have ordered within two hours of clicking the buy button on the smartphone.

“With our In-car Delivery service we effectively turn your car into a delivery location and assign a one-time digital key to the delivery person, effectively eliminating delivery failure,” Bjorn Annwall, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo, said. Volvo’s digital key technology works by allowing owners to grant one-time access to their cars simply through a mobile app.

Volvo in-car delivery

The Swedish start-up employs students and other part-time workers, strictly vetted by urb-it, who get paid per delivery and use geo-location and availability to choose your personal urber, as the delivery people are known. “You shop online from an urb-it enabled store and simply choose to have the shopping delivered to your Volvo. If the package is not delivered in less than two hours, delivery is free,” Annwall added.

For start, Volvo is adding urb-it to its In-car Delivery services in Stockholm for an initial trial period during 2016, while the service availability is to be further expanded to more European cities this year and to over 200 cities worldwide by 2025.


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