Volvo recall 2008-2010 S80, 2009-2010 XC70 and model year 2010 XC60 vehicles image

Volvo is recalling my 2008-2010 s80, model year 2009-2010 xc70 and model year 2010 xc60 vehicles.
Under certain conditions the software within the central electronic module (cem) may not send a signal to the fuel pump electronic module (pem). this missing signal to the pem inhibits the start of the fuel pump. The driver may be able to start the engine in spite of the fuel pump not being activated due to residual pressure in the fuel system. In some cases, the driver may be able to drive the vehicle a short distance at idle but then the engine may stall.

If the vehicle stalls in certain conditions, a crash could occur.

Dealers will download software to the vehicles’ cem free of charge. the recall is expected to begin on or before september 31, 2009. vehicles in dealers¿ inventory will be repaired prior to delivery. owners may contact volvo at 1-800-458-1552.