A spokesman for Volvo Sweden has confirmed that the company has already recruited 40 ex-Saab employees in the wake of its bankruptcy, adding that he expected another 100 to join shortly.

In addition, Autocar reports that Combitech, a company that is owned by Saab AB defense company has recruited more than 200 Saab engineers. It was reported that the company is looking for high technology specialists to work within the defense industry and as external consultants.

Swedish Automobile AB, the parent of Saab, filed for bankruptcy in Swedish court on Dec. 19 after former owner General Motors Co. refused to permit a bailout sale to two Chinese companies.

“There’s no doubt this is the blackest day in my career,” Chief Executive Officer Victor Muller said at a press conference on Dec. 19 at Saab Auto headquarters in Trollhaettan.
The company’s workforce totals about 3,600 employees, including 3,400 in the southeastern Swedish town.


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