Volvo reports a 11.3 percent rise in global retail sales in April image

The Chinese-owned brand said its retail sales grew again by double digits in April, marking the 11th straight month of year-on-year increase.

Volvo nearly maintained the same growth pace from March, when it posted an 11.5 percent increase in its global retail sales for the month, with a further 11.3 percent rise last month. The strong demand for the new XC90 SUV – 8,102 models -, Volvo’s first cars developed under Geely ownership, help the Swedish brand sell 42,434 cars in April, while the popular XC60 stayed the best-selling model overall with 11,937 units. The XC90 was also behind a hefty jump on the US market, where the automaker reported a sales increase of 33.1 percent versus the same month last year, to 6,169 vehicles.

A surprisingly downward development for Volvo last month was in China, the only major region in which the demand dropped from 6,732 in April 2015 to 6,280 cars. There, the best-selling vehicles were the locally produced Volvo XC60 and S60L models. Sales in Europe as a whole were up by 12.3 percent with solid growth across the region. Sweden was Volvo’s biggest market for the month with 6,635 sold cars, up 10.3 percent versus a year earlier.

After it had the best ever year in terms of sales and profit in 2015, the automaker keeps chasing its bold targets of reaching as soon as possible annual deliveries of 800,000 cars globally, while for its long-term plan, Volvo recently announced that aims for an even more ambitious plan of selling no less than one million electrified vehicles by 2025.