The recently unveiled Volvo S60 Cross Country is now coming back in a rendering which is showing us how it may look like a two-door body style.

In case you have missed the you should know that the Swedish based automaker has officially unveiled it just last week so the model is as real as they get. However, the image posted above is nothing else but a simple rendering, put together by X-Tomi Design, which is showing us how it may look like in a new body style, that of a two-door coupe.

The Volvo S60 Cross Country Coupe will most likely never hit the production line, because there is no need for it on the market, but if it will, than the less practical version of the one already shown will look like the one from the image posted above. The S60 Cross Country has an increased ground height by 65 mm and all-wheel drive system is currently being offered, but if you live in Europe or in other markets outside the United States, you will have to settle for the FWD variant.

Volvo has added this model with 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels, with high profile tires which should come in handy off the road, and in the T5 AWD it will be getting 250 HP, in the U.S., 254 HP in Europe and 249 HP in Russia. On the Old Continent, the S60 Cross Country will also be offered with the D5 2.0 and the D4 2.4 diesel units. No pricing info has been announced yet.


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