Volvo S60 Cross Country is real image

Volvo has created a Cross Country version of its S60 sedan as the model in question will be officially presented to the public at the 2015 NAIAS, next week.

Did you ever think at the Volvo S60 in a Cross Country version? Well, if the answer is no, don’t worry, most people never have, but even so, the Swedish based automaker has finished its long work on the new XC90 last year so it had to keep its engineers’ minds busy. This is probably how the S60 Cross Country came to life and it will go on sale soon on both the Old Continent and over-seas.

The brand new model is actually a first because there aren’t any high riding sedans on the road now and all I can think of is the Golf Alltrack, the Insignia Country Tourer, the Octavia Scout, the A4 Allroad or the A6 Allroad. The vehicle in question is basically an S60 which has received an increased ground height by 65 mm, with the all-wheel drive system offered. Don’t get your hopes too high if you are living in Europe and other markets outside the U.S. because you will be getting your model with front-wheel drive.

Volvo says that the S60 Cross Country is riding on either 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels with high profile tires which should boost the wheel protection on the off road. At the time of its ride, the car will come in the T5 AWD with 250 HP in the United States and with 254 HP in Europe and 249 HP in Russia. On the Old Continent, the model will also come with the D4 2.0 and the D4 2.4 diesels. More details on it will be announced in NAIAS.