The lighting systems on the Volvo S60 concept car presented at the Detroit Auto Show provide a glimpse of the next generation of headlamps and signal lamps, with their innovative look and increased performance. Using only LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), they were developed in close cooperation between Volvo Car Corporation and Valeo.
The low beam module, which incorporates the latest generation of lighting systems, is located in the upper part of the headlamp and produces a wide, consistent beam that adapts automatically to driving conditions (e.g. city, winding country road, etc.). The high beam/highway module provides optimal range in relation to the speed and proximity of other vehicles. The color and performance of white LED lights is close to daylight, offering excellent visual comfort and enhanced perception, and their service life is longer than that of the vehicle.
The turn signals, daytime running lights and position lamps also use LEDs, which combined with light guides, enable the creation of illuminated “signatures” that are fluid and consistent.
In addition to offering greater design flexibility, thanks to their reduced dimensions, the next generations of Valeo LED lighting systems will also ensure enhanced safety, comfort and reliability.

Source: Valeo Management Services



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