Volvo S80 Long version for Chinese market image

Volvo’s flagship S80, one of the best limousine in the world, will be available for Chinese market in two wheelbase variants: standard and long wheelbase ( S80L ). The long wheelbase S80L is to be built at the CFMA Chongqing plant in China and will be specially designed for Chinese consumers, with larger and more comfortable rear seat space.

To ensure the success of S80L’s local production in China, Volvo has done a huge amount of preparatory work. Before the project even kicked off, technical experts and senior executives from Volvo visited China many times to inspect local suppliers and ensure the quality of locally produced parts and components. They also issued concrete and detailed requirements for every part used by Volvo.
The S80L shares all the features and qualities of the S80 sedan and it exceeds its sibling by being 14 cm longer and all this extra length appears in the rear seat creating an outstanding comfort for the passengers. The popularity of the S80 sedan has set a solid foundation for the introduction of the S80L in China.






  • Viliyana Filipova

    Volvo S80 is one of the best cars ever. Really luxury and very nice for traveling. I like it so much that cannot explain it. This is comfortable car, and very safety. Cannot compare it with any other car.