Volvo S90 Excellence could be China’s most luxurious car image

The Swedish automaker is acknowledging its Chinese parentage as it prepares to move the S90 manufacturing from Europe to China, where it will also introduce a new flagship Excellence variant.

At the moment, the S90 is being produced at Volvo’s home in Torslanda, Sweden, but soon assembly will relocate to Daqing, China and this is where all worldwide versions will be manufactured. Volvo looks to acquire the title of “the most premium car ever made” in the People’s Republic once the process kicks off sometimes later this month. More importantly, the regular S90 versions will be backed from early 2017 by the Excellence trim – which was previewed in concept form back in April at the Beijing Motor Show. It has everything Volvo can deliver at the moment – from rear-seat touchscreen control interface to handmade crystal glasses or a built-in refrigeration compartment.

Volvo S90 Excellence full interior

The S90 Excellence is based on the China-exclusive long-wheelbase S90 L and will include amenities such as a heated and cooled cup holder, a full panoramic glass roof, an adjustable footrest, foldout worktables and a built-in entertainment system. Additionally, the “Lounge Console” premiered by the S90 Excellence concept will make its way into the standard version, set in place of the front passenger seat. Power comes from the top T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid setup.