Volvo shows the V90 Cross Country to be still under wraps image

If you want the station wagon space of the Volvo V90 but don’t fancy about driving a more expensive XC90 SUV, you can have the crossover solution in the form of the V90 Cross Country.

Volvo has been developing crossover versions of its wagons for years and it’s now almost time to meet the newest family member – the all new V90 Cross Country. The Swedes have decided to keep us enticed by presenting yet another teaser, with the car concealed under a tarp – though we already know how the V90 looks like and we can extrapolate the higher-riding V90 Cross Country from that. The model is an intermediate – or a compromise – between the V90 and the XC90 so the design will be almost the same as in the station wagon but with added protective body cladding all around – while the higher ride and the standard all-wheel drive system should make drivers confident of driving under any weather.

We’re expecting the interior to mirror the V90 and the powertrain options to be virtually the same. So, all the gasoline and diesel options should be there, while the North American version should get the top T5 and T6 varieties of Volvo’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The flagship plug-in hybrid T8 might also become available, but most likely not immediately upon launch.