Volvo tests three innovative safety features image

Volvo is testing some interesting safety features that will equip its cars in the not so distant future. The three systems under testing are autonomous driving, animal detection and intersection support.

Volvo’s autonomous driving feature is not completely autonomous, like Google’s car. But, when activated, it will be able to keep pace with the car in front in slow traffic. That means the engine, brakes and steering wheel will operate autonomously, following the moves of the car in front.

Animal detection is basically an addition to Volvo’s pedestrian detection system. It alerts drivers not only of reckless pedestrians, but also of animals crossing paths with the car. The system recognizes movement patterns in wild animals and it is conceived to work at cruising speeds. According to Volvo, if the feature can reduce speed from around 70 mph to 50 mph, the risk of serious injury will be reduced.

As for, intersection support, the system uses the car’s radar to detect when another car is about to run a red light while you’re approaching a crossroads. In that situation, the system would sense the approaching object and brake to avoid it.