Volvo Trucks secure Ad of the Year award image

There’s no doubt why Volvo Trucks creative team got the Auto Ad of the Year honor – only if you were on a trip to Mars you might have reason to say you never watched a few times the Volvo – Jean-Claude Van Damme split truck stunt.

As a wrap-up for the two days of media previews at the North American International Auto Show, the One Show Auto Advertising Awards honored standout ads, whether on TV, the Internet, billboards, or in print. Another universal theme – humor – was blessed with the top honors in the broadcast category with Audi’s TV spot – “Scripted Life,” seemingly resonating to anyone who experienced in his life moments when they were forced to conform too much. But the judges of the One Show Awards were actually deadlocked in that particular category and decided to break the norm (pun intended) and have three winners. Next to the ad for the Audi Q3 SUV stood one that showed how Aussies from down under face grueling tests to show they were worthy of having an “Unbreakable” Toyota Hilux. Naturally, the third winner came from last year’s Super Bowl roster and – dubbed “Dad’s 6th Sense,” showed us how parenting is naturally an accident-prone task, but the coming of age days of teenage driving might be saved by the collision warning system on the family Hyundai.

The preordained winner came as the officials of he awards introduced a new category to reflect the changing trends in advertising and media world – online video. Here lied the hidden (well not so covert actually, judging by the number of views on YouTube) gem of auto advertising in 2014 – the epic split performed by renowned action movie star Jean Claude van Damme between two gold-colored 18-wheelers, while they so happened to be driving backwards and into the sunset.