The Swedish automaker with Chinese parents is looking to keep up the momentum and is introducing a host of updates across the model range.

The carmaker launched last year its first model in the product offensive – the second generation XC90 crossover and then continued the tour de force with the S90 sedan, V90 estate and now the 2017 V40 facelift due for the Geneva Motor Show. But for the 2017 model the year the introductions don’t stop here. We have a wide array of new apps and safety systems but also more importantly new powertrain additions. The 2017 XC90 can now be had with the new D5 PowerPulse engine – the 2-liter diesel carries but now has been enhanced with an air tank system that can kick into high gear the turbocharger very fast (the attached footage will explain what happens).

Further down the line the 60 series has the T5 gasoline engine now packing an all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The S60 Cross Country adventure sedan that was presented last year now features an entry-level diesel engine. It’s the D3 unit making up 150 PS – in line with offers such as the Passat TDI, BMW 318d and Mercedes C200d. The 60 series cars can also be ordered with new exterior hues: Luminous Sand on all models; the Mussel Blue for the XC60, S60, V60 and V60 Cross Country; Bursting Blue for the S60, V60 and XC60 R-Design and Passion Red on the V60 Cross Country. Among the bustling list of apps and other features one stands out from the crowd: the 2017 XC90 gains the Pilot Assist II – it can drive itself in certain conditions on the highways.


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