Volvo V90 Cross Country to get mid-September unveiling image

The Swedish automaker has decided to start the teasing game for the V90 Cross Country, which is set to receive a mid-September debut ahead of the Paris Motor Show in a bid to make sure it won’t have to share the spotlight with anyone.

Volvo is set to wrap up its 90-series model roster by introducing the fourth generation fullsize rugged station wagon – the “most capable and comfortable premium all-roader on offer”. Most likely it will then be showcased in front of the general audience during the upcoming Paris Motor Show in early October. The new V90 Cross Country is coming after two decades of uninterrupted legacy so expectations are running high – as always. There’s no relevant official information just yet, but we can be sure the V90 proportions will be respected, albeit with a higher ground clearance and some rugged elements to set them apart visually.

With its interesting crossover-esque style, the V90 Cross Country will not only use the same platform as the S90 and V90, but also take the engine lineup from them. All versions will use all-wheel drive as standard and we can expect the use of the T5 and T6 petrol units with 254 horsepower (187 kilowatts) and 320 hp (235 kW), as well as several diesel options. There are also reports of the V90 CC being offered in the US afterwards, where it should compete with the very popular Subaru Outback.