[Volvo] Volvo Trucks delivers yet another impressive stunt – Strongest Man pulls 827 tons in an FH16 image

We’re pretty much in love with the marketing, publicity and PR team over at Volvo Trucks, which has managed to pull some amazing and crazy ideas and wrapped them in a very presentable manner.

Everyone knows about Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split on two Volvo lorries going in reverse, but the guys over also allowed a hamster named Charlie drive their trucks inside a quarry. So, here’s another viral video from the Swedes that depicts Strongman champion Magnus Samuelsson manning a Volvo truck. But he does it in his own way, as he attempts to use a Volvo FH16 and pull no less than 827 tons (750 tonnes). If you think this isn’t enormous, just understand this is pretty much impossible for the Volvo truck itself, which has a maximum haul capability of 358 tons (325 tonnes). The incredible feat will become obvious when we tell you the truck will have to pull 20 trailers – each loaded with two cargo containers stocked on top of each other. The entire length of the convoy reaches an impressive 984 feet.

As in reality nothing turns out just as predicted, the first attempt was a disaster because the trailer’s air brakes didn’t have enough pressure and they entered fail-safe mode. The Volvo team didn’t give in and after a second unsuccessful attempt the third time’s a charm worked its magic – with the FH16 very slowly but successfully managed to move the load to the finish line that was 328 feet ahead. As always, Volvo says the secret to success resided in their technology, with FH16’s I-Shift transmission equipped with a crawler mode for the gears that allowed it to go extremely slow.