Volvo XC40 concept to bring plug in hybrid powertrain image

Volvo is making good on its green promises and also caters for social media fans on a single take – with the latest teaser images of the alleged XC40 concept delivered again via Snapchat.

The Swedish automaker has embraced the mobile app for the teaser campaign of what appears to be the upcoming XC40 crossover concept and the latest roster of teaser images also bring a spicy technical detail. That’s because the concept that is reported by the rumor mill to have a premiere this month will also bring a plug in hybrid powertrain. Volvo is acting all mysterious and didn’t detail the newest pictures but we can see the latest addition to the show floor of the automaker will have the signature Thor’s Hammer LED headlights, a massive grille, as well as big air intakes packing LED fog lights. The upscale styling of late is supported by gloss black accents, a sculpted hood, and we think this is the XC40 crossover preview concept due to the plastic body cladding. The rear design looks closely modeled after the XC90 and comes with a tailgate-mounted spoiler, flourishes for the bodywork and familiar LED taillights.

Now for the interesting part, one of the images depicts the technical details of the powertrain, thus confirming it will be a plug in hybrid setup. We can see the arrangement is pretty standard: regular engine up front, electric motor and a small size batter down the middle. The upcoming Volvo XC40 will ride on the newly developed Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which was developed from the get go to accommodate hybrid and electric versions of the powertrains.