Volvo XC40 rendered as the next best seller from Sweden image

While Volvo has recently had much riding on the newly reworked crossovers – the second generation XC90 and XC60 – we’re pretty much sure the Swedish brand’s sales will explode if they do the compact XC40 right from the first attempt.

Not that there was something wrong with the first generation XC90 and XC60, considering the latter was the top selling premium SUV in Europe even in its latter part of life. But the appetite for compact SUVs in the premium segment is much higher. And also the competition – Volvo’s smallest crossover is getting ready to present itself as an offer against competitors such as the BMW X1 or the Mercedes-Benz GLA. Volvo is getting ready to take the wraps off its latest addition to the crossover game sometime this year, and because there’s a previewing concept it’s rather easy for the digital artists to imagine what the series produced car would look like.

Volvo’s 40.1 concept from last year has been taken as the starting point, but with lines that look production ready – keeping of course the Swedish brand’s Thor’s Hammer headlights. The profile also gets a smaller C pillar for improved visibility and side mirrors instead of the concept’s cameras. The XC40 is also signaling the premiere of the Geely-Volvo developed Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which is also going to be used by the S/V 40 later on.

Via OmniAuto