Volvo XC60 continues to play the teasing game, has advanced autonomous abilities image

A best-seller in Europe for Volvo – even headlining the delivery charts in its class at one time – the XC60 compact SUV is eagerly showcasing its details ahead of the official unveiling set to take place in front of the Geneva Motor Show worldwide audience.

The latest teasers not only showcase new design traits but also talk about a dear subject to Volvo – safety. First things first, we get to see the taillight design in detail to showcase how the company styling has evolved since the former generation was introduced. We can also compare them to the bigger sibling – the XC90 – as the LED light signature also takes some of the trunk space to make you feel it’s even wider than before. But there’s also another teaser still that offers a better glimpse of the front grille, though we also suspect some Photoshop intervention. The third design teaser also showcases much of the crossover’s front – with the new headlights wearing the “Thor’s Hammer” LED daytime running lights just like on the 90 Series.

Volvo XC60 continues to play the teasing game, has advanced autonomous abilities 6

More importantly, Volvo is again working out towards making its cars even safer than before, with the XC60 premiering three new driver assistance features. The company’s City Safety suite has been updated to work with the steering as well – the vehicle being able to change course if the automatic braking system will not fully mitigate an impact. It functions between set speeds – 31 to 62 miles per hour (50 to 100 kilometers per hours) and works towards increasing the chances of avoiding a potential hazard – a car, pedestrian, or a large animal. Steering assist also works with the optional Blind Spot Information System – if a vehicle is in the SUV’s blind spot, the XC60 will autonomously get back to its lane to avoid an impact. And there’s also the new “Oncoming Lane Mitigation,” which works towards reducing chances of crashing with vehicles from the oncoming lane – automatic steering assistance and warnings are enabled – at speeds between 31 to 62 mph (50 to 100 kph).