Volvo XC60 with six wheels spotted at HQ image

A six-wheeled version of the Volvo XC60 has been recently spotted near the carmaker’s headquarters in Gothenburg.

After meeting the impressive time has come to see yet one more vehicle which is coming with the same number of wheels. But rather than being a large SUV, like the XC90, the Swedish based automaker Volvo has chosen the XC60 as the basis for this model. The vehicle pictured below has been recently spotted in Gothenburg, near the company’s headquarters, and, we must admit, it looks pretty good.

But Volvo didn’t think about its looks when it designed it so the model is practical. The Volvo XC60 “6×6” (we actually don’t know if it’s a 6-wheel drive vehicle) has several sockets for camera equipment behind the rear seat cab. The model is finished in matte black and it has been transformed into a pickup truck. The special XC60 has been added to the Volvo’s firm fleet just a few weeks ago, replacing the old V70. Additional details on the model are limited for the moment and will be announced probably over the next few months.

Source: Motor Authority