Volvo’s autonomous tech to become readily available option before 2021 image

The Swedish automaker has recently revealed its suite of autonomous driving technology will become a readily available optional pack by 2021, costing around $10, 000.

Company CEO Hakan Samuelsson talked to the press during the recent Global Mobility Leadership Forum that took place near Detroit and announced Volvo’s plans for the upcoming driverless car segment. He said the fully autonomous driving tech will become integral to the brand’s desire to move even further upmarket, thus driving the “premium car even more premium.” The Geely subsidiary will have a self-driving car in 2021, with the top manager reconfirming this timeframe, and will come with a steering wheel for manual driving. But when in “full autopilot” mode, as it’s being described by Samuelsson, this is not going to be a “supervised version,” meaning the driver can “sit back and watch a movie or whatever.”


The technology will need to be ready by 2021 when Volvo wants it to become a readily accessible option for $10,000 so the company has started the Drive Me autonomous car experiment – and the first autonomous XC90 SUV has already been produced. All cars partaking in the program will be offered for personal use to Volvo customers as to obtain real-world feedback. Drive Me is a new evolution of the Pilot Assist system already available in models such as the XC90, S90, and V90 – it comes with more cameras and a front-mounted Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor for autonomous driving without human input.