Volvo’s concept engine: triple turbo 4-cylinder with 450 hp image

Volvo Cars, the Swedish automaker that is under Chinese control, has taken the business of downsizing very seriously. Their latest take on the four-cylinder engine has no less than 450 hp on board.

Owned by China’s Geely, Volvo is staging a Phoenix-like resurrection, aiming to become a serious contender to the traditional German trio that dominates the world’s luxury segment. Aiming to make economies of scale and also meet the latest emissions and fuel efficiency regulations, the Swedish maker is concentrating on an all-new range of four-cylinder engines, set to replace even the traditional 6 and 8 cylinder powerplants of old.

“This was a very exciting project as we pioneered a combination of technologies in the same application, and the result is a quite unique engine with its high power, yet quick response,” said Mattias Evensson, race engine director at Volvo Polestar Racing.

Now, to show their progress, Volvo has developed a “concept triple boost” engine that has just two liters and uses three turbochargers to offer more than 450 hp. If the engine would make it into series production, with an output of 225 hp per liter, it would become one of the most powerful engines (in the per-liter category) in the world. Even the mighty Veyron in its 1,200 hp iteration only has 150 hp per liter.

The new “concept” engine is also part of the newly developed Drive E engine range, the first complete family developed and produced by Volvo since it was sold by Ford, back in 2010.

Via Automotive News