Volvo’s Polestar division moved fast, performance upgrades on 100k vehicles image

While the performance division is now 21 years old, it was only recently when it became an integral subsidiary that work on enhancing more Volvos really kicked into high gear.

Polestar is announcing a new milestone – 100,000 Volvo models with performance upgrades. The performance division has been upgrading Volvo cars in one form or the other since way back in 1996. Most likely the milestone of more than 100,000 Volvo cars and SUVs to go through powertrain enhancements by Polestar has been facilitated primarily with the addition of the new Drive-E powertrain available on production cars such as the V60 and XC90, making use of a hybrid setup combining n electric battery with an efficient four-cylinder engine. The all-new XC60, set to reach dealerships soon, is also going to use it, so even more Polestar-enhanced models are to be expected.

“This is an important milestone for Polestar and proof of the increasing demand from performance-oriented Volvo customers around the world,” said Johan Lindqvist, Head of Global Sales at Polestar. “We are well on our way to our best year in terms of sales and we have further exciting products just around the corner.” The Polestar optimizations have actually been more popular on crossovers than regular vehicles – the outgoing XC60, followed closely by the XC90 and V60, while China, Sweden and the United States are the top markets for the performance division.