Volvo’s XC90 to use advanced infotainment system image

The Swedish premium brand just released the first set of interior images belonging to their future generation XC90 SUV and now we have some additional technical information.

What is crystal clear from the first glance we take at the pictures is that the new SUV will have its infotainment system based around a rather huge – tablet like – touchscreen, that looks to mirror closely what Tesla’s Model S already has on offer. Others could even go as far as to say there’s an Apple iPad wedged in the center of the dashboard. And they wouldn’t be too far away from the truth.

According to design chief Thomas Ingenlath, the touchscreen panel is XC90’s “most striking” feature when it comes to the cockpit – and we tend to agree with him. Further on he says the second generation SUV would have “the most luxurious ever designed for a Volvo.”

Back to our infotainment system, the newly developed interface would make use of the equally new Apple CarPlay communications system, which practically lets the occupants access most of the features without using traditional buttons or knobs.

While details are still scarce, from what we already know about the CarPlay system we can say that the XC90 will have an impressive set of tech goodies, ranging from the possibility to quibble with the ventilation system and heated seats in an iPad style to accessing numerous applications or the Internet.

Via Automotive News Europe