Vorsteiner flashes its GTRS4 on us image

No, it’s not that kind of a flash, we’re still talking about a car and cars just don’t do that.

Vorsteiner has released several images with the so-called visually speaking at least, which has received the GTRS4 Wide Body Package. This is made out of the modified front bumper, of the new skirt skirts, wide arch front fenders, wide arch rear bumper and the wide arch rear quarter panels, which are contributing to the overall looks of the model. Vorsteiner says that the upgraded M4 Coupe is now 7 inches wider than the regular version BMW is offering.

Contributing to the unique looks of the model and to that appealing golden shade are the 20×10.5-inch wheels at the front, wrapped in 275 tires, and the 20×13.5-inch at the rear, covered in 345 tires, made by Pirelli. We can also see the integrated spoiler in the carbon fiber front bumper, the rear diffuser, the Vorsteiner badge on the trunk and the 90 mm quad exhaust tips. The tuner has fitted the model with a KW suspension system, which is height adjustable, and the engine has been upgraded too, producing 550 HP, compared to the standard 425 HP. We are still not sure whether this will be offered for sale in the near future or how much it will cost.