Vorsteiner makes your Audi R8 seem special image

You may be less than satisfied with the fact that people keep mistaking your second generation Audi R8 V10 Plus with the first generation – but fret not, there’s a new solution.

You can search for help at the offices of aftermarket specialist Vorsteiner, which has a new body kit that will make your R8 seem shiny and special – at least in your mind. The Audi R8, to be earnest, can be set apart from the previous generation if you enlist the Audi Exclusive line of extra goodies – as they can really personalize the ride. But there’s still room for improvement, so Vorsteiner’s wild VRS Aero Program should fit the bill. The tuner uses a body kit for the front and rear with a new spoiler with a metallic finish at the front, as well as a massive diffuser and wing combination to sharpen the rear look for passing on the highway duties.

Vorsteiner makes your Audi R8 seem special 3

Vorsteiner also adds a large set of alloys, complete with satin-effect paint. Vorsteiner is a professional, so the components have been manufactured from carbon fiber, and they attach to the factory mounting points, costing $2,695, $3,295, and $2,895, respectively. No word on a power upgrade so you have to rely on the 5.2-liter V10 – that is until Audi decides to abide to the rumor mill and fit a smaller engine in the bay for increased affordability.