Vorsteiner Rolls-Royce Ghost previewed image

The German aftermarket specialists at Vorsteiner have recently presented their latest creation, based on the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

According to Vorsteiner, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is available with a new tuning package which apparently incorporates features like the add-on front spoiler, the side skirt blade attachments with the integrated wing elements, the add-on rear bumper with integrated diffuser and aero fins and the carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler. Even if there aren’t too many details on the Rolls-Royce Ghost made by Vorsteiner, we must admit that these small modifications give the luxurious car an aggressive look and it’s actually more appealing than the standard version.

“The Rolls-Royce Ghost is defined as seductively simple and we here at Vorsteiner believe that is how it should be. Our latest package to our product line-up is no exception. We took a look at the Ghost and designed a package that will maintain a seductively simple and add functionality to support its performance”, as the aftermarket specialists at Vorsteiner are saying in their official press release.

Besides the fresh set of 24 inch three-piece forged aluminum wheels, which can also be fitted with a floating center cap, we don’t have any more details on the Rolls-Royce Ghost previewed above. The tuning package for the luxurious model will be released in the summer.