Everybody feels sometimes nostalgic – but the right ingredients to cater to that feeling need to come in balanced measures – just like in this case, where the Vossen Wheels bring back the Countach vibe to the Lambo Huracan.

Vossen Wheels is spot on with its LC-103 forged set that seems to come as a spiritual successor to the Lamborghini Countach’s phone dial wheels. Marry them to the supercar maker’s modern machine aesthetics of the Huracan and you have an understated, but deeply fashionable tune. The LC-103 wheels go up from $1,300 each and they were crafted from a single-piece monoblock forged structure, with five round holes with polished interior details. No worries you won’t be able to personalize them – they can be had in 48 colors and in sizes from 19 inches to 24 inches, the width spanning to 12.5 inches.

Vossen puts retrolicious wheels on the Lamborghini Huracan 0

The Vossen model is also paying tribute to the Countach units without being a direct copy – just enough to make the heart of any enthusiast with a for 1980s supercars race wilder. The only issue is that probably any other supercar other than a Lamborghini would look out of place with them – the Italian brand still sues the same edgy design that dates back decades now. But we can see them put to good use on a Huracan Performante…


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