VRS Electric Cars teasing Agito supercar for Beijing image

Exotic manufacturer VRS Electric cars from California, US, is going to embark on a very long trip to present its new Agito supercar concept during the Beijing Motor Show on April 26th.

This teaser depicts the front end of the model that has been baptized after the Latin word for “I move, ” with the Agito tipped as an advanced supercar that wants to “revolutionize automotive aerodynamics.” We heard many exotic manufacturers ready to revolutionize aspects or the whole automotive industry so we’re going to share our reserves with you – especially since the company itself is very coy on providing specific details. The brand only confirmed the concept is a near production vehicle and it will sport an electric powertrain – which was anyone’s guess since the company is called VRS Electric Cars. That’s not much to go so we’ll wait and see if the Chinese public will be impressed, So far we can see there’s a dynamic front end with LED headlights. The teaser also reveals a sleek roof, a smallish cockpit and a rather unique treatment of the rear side.

The model was actually penned by a “team of skilled young-internet famous designers” who went off and about to reach VRS founder and CEO Robert L. Laird. There were no names highlighted (most likely we wouldn’t recognize them anyways) but the company showcased Laird’s interest in “promoting and showcasing young talent.” The Agito – if all goes well – should reach the production line by the middle of next year and more details should be revealed during the introduction set for next month. The connection to the Chinese market is also supported by the funding coming from the region and this makes it a similar case to Faraday Future which aims to go head to head with Tesla and have its own factory in Nevada.