Among them, the most critical position to have the same executive for another set period is Audi, with its CEO Rupert Stadler, followed by VW sales and marketing leader Christian Klingler and VW China boss Jochem Heizmann.

While all three got their contracts extended – as the company looks to be satisfied with their respective performances, the Volkswagen Group declined to make available the period of extensions on any of them.

According to a report coming from German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the first two had their position secured for another five years, while the China chief only received two additional years.

Audi’s chief executive officer, Stadler, could actually be in for the long run to get the top position within the group, as he is leading Audi AG since 2007, coming to replace Martin Winterkorn – the current VW Group CEO.

Of course, ultimately his rise – or fall – could hinge on Audi’s ability to make up the difference between them and current luxury global leader, BMW, as VW’s luxury unit seeks to surpass the coveted 2 million sales mark by 2020. In 2013, for good measure, third placed Mercedes Benz managed to deliver 1.46 million cars, Audi totaled 1.58 million vehicles, while first placed BMW sold 1.66 million units.

Via Automotive News Europe


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