VW AG sees modest delivery rise in March image

The Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest automaker and the second biggest in the world reported recently its deliveries last month soared by 2.3 percent, with first quarter sales also up 1.8 percent.

For the month of March total deliveries for the company increased 2.3 percent to 968,300 units, while the January to March period registered a slower growth value of 1.8 percent to 2.49 million vehicles. The company continued to warn of uncertainties in numerous markets, with “The delivery trend for the first three months shows there is no guarantee this will be a successful year”, according to Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler. The firm said positive momentum was regained in Western Europe after the long slump but the uncertainties in other regions – such as Central and Eastern Europe as well as South America continue to paint a bleak picture for the entire year.

The group brands totaled 1.02 million autos on the overall European market in the first three months of the year, rising 4.1 percent. The bulk of the growth was in western Europe (without the German home market), which soared 5.9 percent to 556,100; while the core German market jumped 9.1 percent to 314,800 vehicles. Central and eastern Europe slid 10.6 percent, with the Russian market plummeting 36.4 percent over the same period. North America as a region posted a positive result – up 4.1 percent to 205,800 autos, but the United States remains a troubled market, sliding overall 1.4 percent to 131,600 units. South America dropped 17.6 percent, with Brazil further slumping 22.1 percent.

The very strong Asia-Pacific region is also showing early signs of weakness now, with deliveries only rising 2.1 percent overall to one million units, and the world’s largest auto market – China – posting a similar result of 2 percent to 881,100 autos.