VW AG sells close to five million cars in the first six months image

The German automaker, the second biggest in the world last year, has revealed its sales figures for the first six months of the year, rising to 4.97 million units.

The Group’s total deliveries surged 5.9% from last year’s January to June figure of 4.69 million autos, thanks to continued advances from the core European region and the largest single market, China. The sales growth in these regions managed to offset ailing demand in the Americas, which continue to pose challenges to Volkswagen AG.

“The Volkswagen Group showed satisfactory development in the first half year even though market conditions were at times difficult. However, the economic environment on some world markets remains tense”, said Christian Klingler, the Group’s sales boss. “Despite these challenges, the Volkswagen Group is entering the second half of the year with confidence. But we are also well aware of the tasks that lie ahead.”

New car sales also went up in June, which posted a 3.9% advance on the same month last year – reaching 859,400 cars. The core European market saw the company’s brands in the first six months total almost two million units, up 6.9% from the figure registered for the same period last year.

The overall Asia-Pacific region posted a 15.8% jump to 2 million vehicles, with 1.81 million cars delivered to China. The North America region slid 3% to 424,900 autos, while South America dipped even further – reaching just 350,800 (-22.1%).