VW and BMW Favorites to Add Market Share to the Global Auto Industry image

According to a survey, VW and BMW are the expected automaker to add market share to the global auto industry in the following five years.

According to the survey conducted by advisory firm KPMG, Toyota saw an amazing rebound from 2011 natural disasters which affected production and Kia and Hyundai affiliate managed to take the 4th place in the ranking. Still, VW managed to keep the no.1 place for the third consecutive year and the percentage of executives expecting the automaker to gain market share globally increased with 11 points to 81%. BMW got the second place with 70%, up 7 points from the 2012 survey.

“VW has been No. 1 for the last three years, but to continue and to have an 11-point increase, I was taken aback by it,” said Gary Silberg, national auto industry leader for KPMG.

Toyota, which has been affected by both natural disasters in 2011 and a 19-million-car recall from 2009 to 2011, was the one to show the biggest gain, finishing on the 3rd place at 68%, up 44% from 2012. Kia and Hyundai finished at 61%, a decrease of 2 points from 2012 and 11 points from 2011. Nissan took the 5th place at 50%, followed by Ford at 44% and GM also at 44%.