VW app allows passengers to select the music image

There were times when the driver was master and commander – of the road and of the infotainment system as well – but those are long gone.

Now you can share a ride with someone, lend your car to complete strangers to make money and even allow passengers to trash your mood as they set the tunes. Volkswagen is trying to revolutionize or destroy the classic tradition of road tripping via its new Media Control app. This connected application – which is available on smartphones and tablets running Apple and Android systems (which is basically everything) allows anyone present in the car to argue which music should play thanks to the WLAN connection. The new Media Control app will be useful if you have a VW packing the Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems, allowing anyone to connect and remotely manipulate everything – from radio stations, adjusting volume, playing tracks from connected devices to pumping up the beat.

And yes, fortunately the driver still has a measure of power – he can disconnect the WLAN at any time. The Media Control also allows the connected passengers to make phone calls through the on-board speakers and microphone. The navigation system is also accessible, allowing users to enter new destinations, for example. Volkswagen has also announced unrelated updates for some of its models – including bigger infotainment screens, new exterior color options, new entry-level trim for the Beetle, and a host of enhancements for the Golf.