The company has said there will be no financial gifts for European customers, in contrast with the 1, 000-dollar bonus package offered to US owners of cars affected by the cheating scandal.

The European owners of the cars fitted with the illegal software will not benefit from the same “goodwill package” as the US customers. The company is giving owners of diesel-powered cars with 2.0-liter engines under investigation by the US Environmental Protection Agency a 500-dollar Visa card and another 500-dollar gift in credits from its dealers. On top of that, VW also offers three years of free roadside assistance.

In Europe, the owners will receive another type of compensations for the “inconvenience” of driving cars fitted with the cheating device and also for the trouble of being forced to bring their cars to dealers when a fix is available, a Volkswagen spokesman told Automotive News Europe. “Financial compensation will be offered exclusively to customers in the US and Canada.”

Volkswagen believes that European owners are not so annoyed by the scandal because a fix for them is almost ready to be approved, unlike in the US where the problem is far from being solved. But most certainly, the true reason is to be found within numbers, as about 8.5 million cars in Europe are affected compared with 482,000 in the US. Therefore, a simple math calculation would lead to 8.5 billion dollars in compensation if the European customers received same 1,000-dollar “goodwill package”.

The company explains the decision by saying that compensation for US owners of the affected diesel models are more justified as they bought a car marketed as a “clean diesel.”, and the customers were attracted by such a technology, as they mainly prefer gasoline powered engines, compared to Europe where more than half of new sold cars are diesels.

Via Automotive News Europe


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