VW Brand Sales Up 5.5% in May image

VW reported sales of its core brand up 5.5% in May to 503, 100 units, thanks to increased demand in China.

“Overall the Volkswagen Passenger Carsbrand is showing stable development despite continuing economic uncertainty, although the trends vary quite significantly,” sales chief Christian Klingler said in a statement. “While deliveries in China, for example, continued to rise, unit sales for May in other regions such as Western Europe declined.”

VW’s Audi reported sales up 6.4% last month reaching 137,200 units, due to increased demand in the US and Asia. Sales in the US increased 15% and 16% in China, while sales from January to May were up 6.7% to 640,200 units.

VW reported sales in May down 1.7% to 38,913 units, even if the Passat had its best May ever. The automaker’s U.S. CEO Jonathan Browning said that auto sales are being affected by strong light truck sales, such as SUVs and pickups. Since VW has no SUVs and no pickups, there is no sales increase.

“Volkswagen’s meteoric rise appears to be over, in part, because it isn’t able to ride the wave of strong pickup truck sales. Achieving its lofty goal of 800,000 vehicle sales by 2018 looks challenging now,” says Edmunds.com analyst Michelle Krebs.

Source: The Economic Times