VW confident about regaining buyers’ trust image

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller says the German carmaker will eventually win back the customers and this year will be a good one for its sales numbers, despite the diesel scandal.

Volkswagen’s chief executive is more and more confident that the repercussions of the cheating scandal will soon fade away, at least in the eyes of the customers, the German news agency DPA reported this week. Even if the view of Matthias Mueller might seem out of place considering the fact that the crisis is far from over in the United States, global sales figures for January are backing up its optimism, at least for the moment. “We are quite confident that by regaining the trust of our customers, of the public and of our remaining shareholders, we will have a good year in 2016,” Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said when asked whether the scandal was having an impact on sales and temporary jobs. After Volkswagen reported last year its first sales annual drop at its multi-brand group since 2002, the demand for its models returned to growth for the first month of 2016, pushed by a double-digit rate increase on the Chinese auto market.

Therefore, VW’s forecast of a “a good year” seems plausible in all regions, except North America. “We will certainly be a loser in the US,” Muller said about the emissions scandal’s impact on sales, where five months after its cheating was uncovered the carmaker was still expected to come up with a technical fix for almost 600,000 cars. And, according to the German monthly Manager Magazin, a solution for the affected vehicles in the US is still one month away, as negotiations are dragging on because the Environmental Protection Agency is demanding a long distance test for the technical fix proposed by Volkswagen.

Via Reuters

  • John Boner (R)

    I own a VW TDI (2013 to be exact) and after this unless VW is willing to buy my car back at full retail price and sell me an existing car at a great price then there is no way I will ever buy another VW ever again. As a point of reference I have owned 5 VW’s in my life…. but good luck VW – you will need it.

    • Bob Sackimanow II

      I am on my second Passat TDI having owned a 2013 and currently a 2015. This CEOs comment displays typical arrogance regarding current customer base. I will never buy another VW, regardless of the compensation they will be directed to provide. I stress the word directed because frankly they could care less. They even keep the US dealers in the dark as I have had direct conversations with the owner of the BE dealership where I purchased my vehicles and they know little more than what they see in the media.