VW connects your smart car to your smart home image

The German automaker is trying to keep up with the times by implementing new remote-control functions in its cars – this time around we’re not dealing with remote smartphone control, but remote house control.

VW has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to connect its cars with smart homes, a demonstration of the technology has been prototyped during the IFA 2017 international consumer electronics exhibition organized in Germany’s capital Berlin. The feature was usable inside an e-Golf and visitors could adjust the house’s temperature settings, among others – such as deactivate the security system or switch the exterior lights. More importantly, VW said it will premiere the new connectivity feature later this month – though only houses benefiting from Telekom’s Magenta SmartHome can use it.

The user also needs an Android smartphone featuring MirrorLink technology and the company’s Car-Net App Connect, which is easy to find because it has been implemented on virtually all models from the brand since May 2015. Around 50 smartphones from all major brands – including Samsung, HTC, Sony, and LG – are compatible. With the set up complete, the car’s infotainment system will gain access to the Deutsche Telekom’s Smart Home app, which controls most of the electrical devices, if they have smart functionality. That includes the so-called “house sitter”, which can “turn on lights, music and vacuum cleaner noises while you’re away, simulating a human presence.”