VW copper thieves go to trial image

For years, two Wolfsburg (26 and 34 years old) employees have made thousands of euros from stealing tons of metal from the Volkswagen plant. Now, at the end of November will begin the trial by jury in the Wolfsburg District Court.

According to VW, the two were there as employees for a foreign company on the VW plant premises. Between early 2010 and mid-2012, they managed to steal from the premises around 60 tons of metal – primarily copper, but also brass and iron. The value of the loot should be around 300,000 euros. But then came the end: mid-2012, the plant protection caught the suspects in the act and put them in police custody.

Also, the men will need to account not only for the theft itself, but also for commercial fraud against the innocent buyers of the stolen merchandise, who obviously had no idea what they were buying.

The hearing before the District Court of Wolfsburg starts on November 25 at 10 o’clock and if convicted, the defendants, already known to police for prior illegal acts, face even more prison time.