VW crisis underway, Audi follows plans undeterred image

While a huge scandal has encompassed its German parent VW AG and has also affected some of its models, the luxury unit Audi will stick to plans to hire more employees and also confirmed a jobs guarantee strategy through 2018, confirming recent reports.

Back in September, Volkswagen Ag has admitted it had cheated diesel emissions tests in the US, while also acknowledging it had equipped up to 11 million autos worldwide with the illegal software – including Audi models. “We are sticking with plans for strategic growth and are continuing to hire new employees as planned,” quoted German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme on Audi’s personnel chief Thomas Sigi in an interview on the automaker’s Intranet site. He added sales and orders were stable for now, with the brand ready to pay its workers “a respectable sum” as bonuses for the performances of this year in 2016, adding though exact details would be released closer to the date when they are due.

Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest automaker, is fighting the largest business crisis in its 78-year history following the admission it had cheated on diesel emissions tests – a quarter of the stock has been wiped since the revelation, its long time chief executive forced out and the internal investigation is trying to uncover the roots of the deception. According to a report coming from monthly Manager Magazin, the group has decided to recover most of the costs related to the dieselgate scandal – which are forecasted to surge in excess of 30 billion euros ($33.1 billion) – from its core VW brand, with luxury divisions Audi or Porsche spared the financial heft.

Via Reuters