VW diesel scandal: EPA hopes for initial VW software fix to come next week image

Germany’s Volkswagen Ag could deliver as soon as next week to US and California regulators the initial plan to repair the software for the defeat devices it used in certain diesel-equipped vehicles.

The US Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday the affected devices were installed in 2012-2014 Passats and Volkswagen told the regulators it would deliver a software fix as a preliminary measure designed to “address and correct” an illegal software. The rigged algorithm was used by the carmaker to cheat on diesel emission tests in the United States and the new fix will have to pass through regulatory approval. “EPA and CARB will immediately begin evaluating the proposed software, ” commented the agency. Also on Thursday, Volkswagen America President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Horn, which appeared in front of a congressional oversight panel, told the lawmakers the group was seeking EPA approval to start using the software repair beginning with January in the first of almost half a million vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015 and using the illegal software, a so-called defeat device.

Volkswagen added the affected cars were belonging to three generational types and the first to receive the software fix were the newest – and numbering around 70,000 cars. The EPA added the 2012-2014 Passats were Generation 2 vehicles, with the German carmaker tallying them at around 90,000 units and Horn telling lawmakers they could get the software fix in 2016, but around the middle of the year. The oldest cars, also the most numerous – at about 325,000 autos – would need to incur significant changes, including the refit with new hardware.

Via Reuters