VW diesel scandal: public relations nightmare extends to giving back received awards image

Volkswagen AG has been entrenched in a massive scandal since last month admitted it had rigged US diesel emissions tests and up to 11 million autos worldwide carried an illegal software onboard.

The public relations nightmare for the company is set to continue – from the fact that it fails to properly communicate with affected owners, as per reports to the issue of now having to give back awards that were unlawfully won. A major automotive publication also said today it was ruling out all VW and Audi vehicles from one of its influential competitions. Ward’s Communications announced it has ruled out all of the manufacturer’s engines – not only diesel – from its yearly top ten engines competition. The automaker also had to give back a car of the year award last week and this might only be the beginning of the fallout. “We discussed it at length, ” commented senior editor Tom Murphy. “What VW admitted to is very troubling, and it still hasn’t come clean with all the details. There are too many unknowns.” For the year the German company would have had four VW and Audi vehicles eligible for the award – three gasoline and one electric. VW also had to give back three awards it received earlier for diesel engines.

The automaker also returned three awards from Cars.com – the 2012 and 2015 “Eco-Friendly Car” prizes for the Passat TDI and the “Best Bet Award” for the Jetta TDI. “In light of the recent action by EPA concerning our 2.0L TDI vehicles and associated allegations, out of respect for you and your highly influential website, we feel it best at this time to return [the awards],” commented VW CEO Michael Horn in a statement.